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Candles and Ornaments

Hey There

We believe in providing our customers with a great range of quality Faux and Artificial Flowers and plants as well as a great range of home-crafted and wedding faux flowers.

Whether it’s to provide inspiration when brightening up a space within the home or garden, a seasonal gift from our home-crafted selection or a faux wedding bouquet to last longer than the big day. We have ideas to suit all. 

All About Me

Hello, I’m Karen the founder of Fauxticial. I’m a professional florist who had a DREAM to provide ‘almost real’ artificial flower and faux Bouquets, Center pieces, Wreaths (not just for Christmas) and gifts. With the aim to brighten up any space with in the home or as a gift for those that may not have the time to care for real flowers or who are allergic.  

As my business grew my customers began asking for the unique and wonderful, which couldn’t always be sourced. Using my skills and knowledge as a florist I started to create. This inspired my Home-Crafted range which made perfect gifts for Mothers day, Valentines, Easter and Christmas SHOP.

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